The Four Cs of Herbalism

Diamonds may be some girls’ best friend, but herbs that support self-healing through Herbalism are mine.

We’ve heard of the Four Cs of Diamonds, in Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat, in how they make up the quality of the stone; however, there is another gem of great value with many facets, in Herbalism—the study and art of pairing herbs with beings to promote self-healing. It too has its own Four Cs, of a holistic kind:

CULTIVATE: a legacy of learning and a harmonious practice with gratitude for the earth, sky and plants that impart their gifts.

CARE: for oneselfthe nurturerby intuition or knowing, for those we serve by listening, and for the plants by observing.

CREATE: herbal remedies and relationships that balance and support.

COLLECT: wisdom from plants, from teachers, from community and from experience.

The heart of Botaniscape™ and budding Herbalist, Lori McClellan sees the Art of Herbalism as her lifelong connection to Nature and wonder manifested most fully—another exciting medium and source of abundant joy. An Author, Artist and Poet, creating as Loretta Boyer McClellan, her works as a writer of fiction, nonfiction and poetry; conscious PR, brand, graphic design, and communications; and as an Arts instructor, journalist and artist, “sized the canvas,” so to speak, for a fruitful life of expression, connection and inspiration. Author of The Nature of BEing: A Healing Journey, The Misthaven of Maine Series, and Dodging Raindrops: Poems and Prose of Beauty, Peace and Healing, Lori creates from a place of Oneness. Writing, meditating, painting, and her relationship with Nature and all beings, most tangibly through Herbalism, are her connection to the Infinite. 

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