Nature is Our Answer for Nurture™: Celebrating the beauty of our world, and the joy, peace, and healing that Nature generously provides.

Our Purpose:

Botaniscape™ is nature’s playground, a positive place to engage, share and inspire through venues such as articles, reviews, books, recipes, photography, fine art, design, and poetry, with Nature, Camping and the Outdoors, Animals and Wildlife, Gardening and Herbalism, and Well-being as primary themes. As nature evolves, so do we, so check back often for blossoms of growth!

Behind the Scenes:

Authored, edited, and facilitated by career Author, Journalist, Artist, and Poet, Lori McClellan, she is a life-long Nature and Camping Enthusiast, a Meditation/Self-Healing Arts Teacher and Practitioner since 2013, and a budding Herbalist. Lori amplified her childhood connection to nature as an adult through an intuitive journey.

A universal citizen writing as Loretta Boyer McClellan, she is the author of The Little Book of Everlasting Joy: 16 Pieces of Wisdom for Our Time; the Misthaven of Maine Series: Misthaven of Maine and Misthaven of Maine: Journey to BeyondDodging Raindrops: Poems and Prose of Beauty, Peace and Healing; and her memoir, The Nature of Being: A Healing Journey.  You can find her books on LorettaBoyerMcClellan.com, on Amazon, or wherever books are sold. Visit Lori’s creative firm and portfolio at: McClellanCreative.com.

Name Origin:

Botaniscape: From the Latin, “botanica,” meaning botany or plant life, and “scape,” meaning a view or picture of a scene. From our perspective, the view is magnificent, as Nature intended, particularly when shared in heartfelt community!

“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.”―John Muir

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